Omaela Story: The Verwalltal: a true prodigy.

Omaela Story

The Verwalltal: a true prodigy.

Our beautiful Verwall is always worth a trip: whether on foot, by bike or with the hiking bus. What do guests and we love here? The stop at the Wagnerhütte, Eldorado, Sagenweg, reservoir or tour to the Konstanzer-Hütte.

Ah, the Verwalltal - in the past, as today, the perfect starting point in St. Anton.

We have fond memories of whizzing on inline skates (yes, they were already "in" back then) to the Wagnerhütte rest house as children. Or when we were able to conquer the whole loop around the lake on our children's bikes for the first time.

And above all, we remember the legend of the "Hexabrinnali", whose traditional place of occurrence we had to look at every time. In the past, it was quite difficult to find, but today you can see witches' brooms from afar, pointing the way to the witch.

The new "Legendary Verwall" has many attractions for the little ones. How good that it is also easy to reach with prams or that you can be chauffeured a distance by bus. 

But even though we're grown up now, we're always drawn back to Verwall. The fresh air, the seclusion - and quite honestly, even as adults we appreciate the fairytale atmosphere created by the forest floor overgrown with moss and ferns, small clearings and the rustling of the wind in the tall trees.

Summer & Winter

In winter, the feeding place is most interesting for us on quiet days, especially at dusk. Deer, roebucks, stags, hinds and their fawns graze there. An experience for nature watchers and connoisseurs!

For Kids & Adults

At the spacious children's playground directly at the emerald shimmering lake, we appreciate the tyre seesaws for 4 children (or adults) the most.

New is the small bathing pond on the opposite side of the lake. To be reached after a circular hike around the lake or the spectacular suspension bridge.

What should not be missed in the Verwall? 

A stop at the Wagnerhütte. Here you can enjoy spaetzle specialities in a different way. And apple strudel. And ice cream. And Aperol Spritz. And Radler (beer with lemonade). And then the end of the excursion is perfect. 

Back to Omaela Apartments in St. Anton

It's only 10 km to the cosy apartment at Omaela, which can easily be covered on foot, by bike or quite comfortably by bus. After the eventful excursion, you can relax on the terrace or use the private spa for a soothing sauna. This not only promotes well-being, but also has a positive effect on health. This is how a holiday should be.

St. Anton
St. Anton
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