Omaela Story: Ski Start December St Anton am Arlberg

Omaela Story

Ski Start December St Anton am Arlberg

The Mountains are calling – and I must go: That's how we locals on the Arlberg always feel when the first real snowfall starts at the beginning of winter. It's been too long since we've been on the mountain on the boards that mean the world on the Arlberg (namely skis or snowboards).

When there's a lot of snow in December, we can hardly wait. And the first guests feel the same way. At the beginning of December, the lifts of the Arlberg mountain railways start operating and this first period is something very special. The slopes are still sparsely filled before the Christmas holidays start. And it is precisely the pre-Christmas period that can be really enjoyed on the Arlberg. For example, when the Krampuses parade through the village on St. Nicholas' Day or the magical Christmas market in the museum opens its doors. Or simply marvelling at the drifting snow, while more and more snow remains on the balcony of the cosy apartment and the home-brewed punch tastes best. 

By the way, Grandma Ela has a special tip for days like this: after a sauna in the private spa, simply cool off in the snow on the balcony (preferably in the cosy bathrobe that is ready and waiting in the flat ... otherwise the neighbours will also benefit).

Book now for the pre-Christmas season!

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